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Gain a Certified Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

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This Postgraduate Digital Marketing course provides premium access to a digital world that is changing our culture. As a senior marketing leader, access razor-sharp strategy, practice and insight to take your place in this online world. Billions follow. Now is the time to step up and lead.

Why DMI?

 Digital Training Excellence for over 12 years
You gain a globally recognised certification
12 months FREE membership included
Join a global network of over 65k members

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Why DMI?

 Digital Training Excellence for over 12 years
 You gain a globally recognised certification
12 months FREE membership included
Join a global network of over 75k members

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Course Overview

Postgraduate Diploma
in Digital Marketing

Perfect for when you don't just want to play the digital marketing game anymore, you want to drive it. To change it. With certification you’ll stay in the digital game with free Membership, connecting you to industry, white-hot opportunities and the power to influence. Join the conversation.

Program learning outcomes and content What will I learn?

  Fully revised for 2020 

We give you the thinking and tools to become a leading player on the digital stage. Create powerful and dynamic digital strategy. See it manifest into real world, business-changing action. The modules are building blocks - of knowledge, of your vision of your future self. Here is what you need to know:

Leadership and Management

Module Info & Overview

Develop practical skills and techniques that you can use to think strategically, build effective teams, deal with conflict and crisis and persuade and influence others.

Thinking Strategically Building Effective Teams Dealing with Conflicts and Crises Persuading and Influencing 
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Strategy and Planning

Module Info & Overview

Gain all the key skills and practices associated with planning a successful digital strategy. Everything from digital channels, marketing automation, budgeting, analytics and digital leadership.

Digital Communications v Traditional Communications Marketing Automation Budget and Resourcing Big Data & Analytics Strategy Formulation and Plan Digital Communications & Channels 
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CX, eCommerce and CRO

Module Info & Overview

Learn the key concepts underpinning website optimization, conversion rate optimization and effective e-commerce for every business requirement. Build highly effective user experiences for your customers.

Website Optimization UX Research & Design E-Commerce Strategy Applied E-Commerce Graphic Design Essentials for Marketers CX Essentials 
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Search and Digital Channels

Module Info & Overview

Plan, implement, refine and report on search marketing campaigns. Drive traffic across all digital channels.

SEO Setup & Content SEO Workshop Paid Search & Display Advertising Analytics with Google Analytics Email Marketing Strategy Applied Email Marketing 
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Social Media Marketing

Module Info & Overview

Learn how to create engaging content on social media and how to plan, execute, optimize and report on social media marketing campaigns across the key social platforms.

Social Research Content Creation & Outreach Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram & Snapchat YouTube & Social Video Social Customer Service Strategy & Planning 
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Digital Selling

Module Info & Overview

Recognize the value of social selling and incorporate digital techniques to better engage with customers and prospects to drive increased conversion rates

Fundamentals of Social Selling Finding & Targeting Prospects Attracting Customers Closing & Retaining Increasing Engagement 
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Essential Skills

Module Info & Overview

Gain all the essential skills all marketers, professionals and business leaders need to work effectively, productively and professionally in a collaborative business environment.

Project Planning Creativity Skills Personal Skills Working With Others 
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Who's it for?

The DMI Expert program is aimed at:

  • Traditional Marketers and Marketing Executives who want to play a bigger, sharper game
  • Marketing Managers and Senior Management
  • IT Managers
  • Graduates with no plans to wait around
  • Small Business Owners who may or may not want to stay small
  • Career Changers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • Whoever needs to create and apply a digital marketing strategy for their organisation
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Member Stories

I didn’t want to be a digital dinosaur. The digital landscape is constantly changing, but now I have the basic knowledge and skills to keep up and understand both offline and online touch points in marketing.

I was working in Sales and I wanted to upskill to attract business through new streams which would enable me to win more business and exceed sales targets

Each step I took with the Digital Marketing Institute increased my skills and my role grew with them. Digital was a new and expanding area within my organisation and increasing these skills allowed me to lead that expansion.

Postgraduate Diploma

Simple Admission Process

Application for this online postgraduate marketing certification is easy. You simply have a brief session over the phone with one of our learning specialists who will walk you through your experience and suitability for the program. Next, we’ll send you an online form for completion and return. This is one of the simplest marketing graduate scheme admission processes available.


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Everything you need to know about acquiring digital superpowers, connecting with the hive mind of digital talent via the Membership portal, building a titanium career with lasting Accreditation, how to take over the universe and more.

Why should I take this Postgraduate Diploma course?

Obtain this advanced level DMI's postgraduate marketing diploma qualification without the same financial or time commitments of a full digital marketing diploma online program:

Change your career or kick-start a career in digital marketing

Improve your digital marketing career prospects and increase your earning potential

gives you the opportunity to impress prospective employers with a recognized and respected award

Over 80% of the DMI's Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing students have realized their potential in a variety of digital roles, from Head of Marketing, Head of E-Commerce, to Digital Marketing Manager to Marketing Research Manager and more

How much does the Postgraduate Diploma cost?

DMI's Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing costs $5410 $3787 to study online.

The fee includes all of the DMI Postgraduate Diploma course materials, as well as additional resources in the form of Sandbox accounts, Webinars, Online Tutorials, Podcasts, E-Books and much more.

Do I need to have a digital marketing background?

Not necessarily. The DMI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing. Students of this qualification come from a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Traditional Marketing Professionals looking to add online to their marketing mix and get the most out of their Digital Marketing channels
  • Graduates of other disciplines seeking to re-train or up-skill in an industry that is continually crying out for certified candidates
  • Sales Professionals who want to learn how to successfully utilize Digital Marketing for lead generation
  • Sole Traders and Small Business Owners who want to find out how online marketing channels can work for their business and how to implement a successful digital marketing strategy
  • CEOs of large companies who wish to gain the knowledge to make informed strategic decisions and lead the digital transformation in their organization

Where will my Postgraduate Qualification be recognized?

Our digital marketing certifications are world class. We offer online digital skills training courses in over 80 countries and this course has been credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This allows you to take your DMI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing with you, no matter where your exciting new digital career may take you.

How is the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing assessed?

The Postgraduate Marketing online course requires the completion of two 5,000 word Digital Marketing assignments - a Digital Marketing Research paper and a Digital Marketing Strategy. Please note: As part of your Digital Marketing Research paper you will be required to undertake real world research (in the form of surveys, focus groups and/or interviews for example).

These assignments are designed to offer students the opportunity to produce meaningful and grounded Digital Marketing projects focused on their own digital career or business aspirations.

How do I apply for the Postgraduate Diploma?

Application for this online postgraduate marketing certification is easy. You simply have a brief session over the phone with one of our learning specialists who will walk you through your experience and suitability for the program. Next, we’ll send you an online form for completion and return. This is one of the simplest marketing graduate scheme admission processes available.

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