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See how our partners added our industry validated digital programs to their portfolio to target new markets, increase revenue and establish a competitive edge.

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  Platinum Partner 

As an expert in providing globally recognized training, ICE Malta wanted a certification that would enable students to strengthen their digital skills and progress their careers.

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“It was very clear to us that the Digital Marketing Institute’s offering was head and shoulders above anything else. Primarily because the content is so closely aligned to what industry is looking for in today's job market.”

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University of Westminster Logo

As a business school with a 177-year-old legacy, the University of Westminster partnered with us to offer students a digital marketing qualification that met the needs of industry.

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University of the West of Scotland Logo

With ties to industry and an international focus, the University of the West of Scotland is invested in the future of its students. As the needs of the job market continue to shift due to digitization, how does the leading institution ensure their students are career ready and have the skills that employers are looking for?

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HTTP School

"The online component will help widen our offering and provide additional resources and access to our students. Many students are working professionals and appreciate the flexibility of being able to learn online.”

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Morgan International

Focused on addressing the shortage of digital professionals in the region, the company wanted to offer global qualifications that can bring graduates and organizations together to provide job opportunities that transform careers.

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Cyprus International Institute of Management Logo

The lack of digital training in Cyprus meant that many professionals had a significant gap in their digital skills. Learn how our globally recognized qualifications transformed the digital knowledge of CIIM's students.

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