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Future Finance is the UK's largest private student lender

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Students can submit an application online up to six months prior to course start. You can get started by submitting an application via the Future Finance website to see if you're eligible.

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Guidelines for data sharing - what data we can and cannot share with Partners.

Data that may be shared with partners on the basis of contractual necessity for performance of the loan agreement (as a legal basis for processing/sharing data) includes:

Student name & number to confirm enrollment with the partner so to:

  • ensure borrower is eligible for the loan;
  • being able to provide the tuition funds directly to the partner – the name of the student must be referenced with the payment;
  • enable the partner to verify that:
    • the borrower is in fact a student of that partner;
    • the tuition fees are in fact the partner tuition fees, due and owing to the partner;
  • the graduation date is the correct graduation date.

Data that may not be shared with partners pursuant to Data Protection Laws include:

  • financial data to Universities on an individualised basis (i.e. aggregated data only where to the extent it is incapable of constituting personal data).