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 Digital Training Excellence for over 12 years
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Why DMI?

 Digital Training Excellence for over 12 years
 You gain a globally recognised certification
12 months FREE membership included
Join a global network of over 75k members

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Program learning outcomes and content What will I learn?

We give you the thinking and tools to become a leading player on the digital stage. Create powerful and dynamic digital strategy. See it manifest into real world, business-changing action. The modules are building blocks – of knowledge, of your vision, of the leading Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing

Foundations of Digital

Module Info & Overview

The basic yet vital stuff. A study of consumers’ behavior and expectations in today’s fragmented, digital marketplace. Explore the new consumer journey to purchase. Where are the opportunities for your brand? Here we talk about digital touch points, digital disruption and transformation – and what this means for you.

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Web and Email

Module Info & Overview

If you’re not on the web you don’t exist. Here we look at key web concepts and terminology, how to create an online presence and what works for your brand. Also, online advertising and the magical art of digital conversion. The User Experience (UX) is all about bringing people where you want them to go – right to the relevant page – so we’ll take your through the basics of good, simple but effective web design. Next up, eCommerce. Where does a humble email fit in the process and why is it (still) so important?

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Social Media

Module Info & Overview

Welcome to the hive, also known as the big bee brain of human consciousness, aka social media. It’s where billions of people share thoughts, and your brand has a place here. This module gives you everything you need to claim it. We look at the bigger platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and explore what each is best at, and how brands look, feel and behave differently across the platforms – yet again, it’s all about relevance. Then, a look at social advertising and how social allows for pinpoint targeting. And how social is the natural home of customer service.

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The Social Customer Service

Module Info & Overview

Today’s consumer is a different animal, a social animal. Social media gives you extraordinary tools to know and respond to this new animal - live chat, AI, listening reputation and more. Here you also get tactics, techniques, approaches, best practices and a full bag of customer-friendly digital tricks. There is a big conversation going on around your brand and your industry and you can subtly take back control. Explore online complaints handling, reporting mechanisms, negative feedback and reviews. Social media gives you power to manage your brand like never before. Step up and claim it.

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The Challenges and Risks

Module Info & Overview

Digital is a big, wide wonderful world but it’s not without a few risks. This one covers data protection, cyber-security, identity theft, malware and hacking. Also, the less definable but equally disruptive reputation issues that social exposes us to. It’s all about some careful prep - risk mitigation (internal and external), data protection, contingency planning and being ready to respond. Oh and that oh-so-important regulatory stuff – laws and guideline, GDPR, data security and collection.

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The Digital Mindset

Module Info & Overview

Digital is fast, responsive, agile and cool. But do not be fooled. Behind that sleek and shiny screen works sharp business intelligence, enabled by commercial superpowers. Data analytics and pinpoint targeting means you can use create actionable business plans like never before. Here we look at S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) business goals and the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Digital Mindset means you think digital first. And why wouldn’t you? You are can reach the whole world through your screen. What will you do with all that superpower?

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Who's it for?

The DMI Essentials is aimed at:

  • Anyone who knows there’s a new game out there and wants in
  • Experienced professionals who’ve taken their vision as far as they can go without digital skills – and plan to fix that
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • People who need to speak to people. All the biggest and most relevant conversations are happening online. 
  • Inspired career changers
  • Talented people who know that Certification makes doors open
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Where will my qualification be recognized?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for digital marketing and selling education. Exclusively designed by practicing digital practitioners, the Foundation Certificate in Digital carries the coveted Digital Marketing Institute accreditation and associated brand recognition, which is highly sought after by employers.

How is the digital marketing certificate assessed?

The Foundation Certificate in Digital is assessed by a one-hour exam administered by our computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centers. The exam includes a range of different question formats are used including Text-based Multiple Choice; Image-based Multiple Choice, Matching and Hot Spot questions. You must achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam. The cost of the exam is included in the price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately €60 or local currency equivalent payable directly to Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.

Is this digital marketing course technical?

In short, no! The Foundation Certificate in Digital is at an associate level and focuses on the fundamentals of digital to equip you with an understanding of digital, its meaning, uses, tools and technologies. You will know how digital is applied within a business, which digital channels to use and future commercial aspect of online marketing.

Who should take this digital marketing course?

Anyone with an interest in understanding the fundamentals of digital can apply for the Foundation Certificate in Digital. A background in a related discipline is not required as the Foundation Certificate in Digital is designed to help you understand the key concepts of digital, how it has changed customer behavior and the implications for your role and the wider business. It is the perfect certification to boost your career and is ideal for a range of roles such as customer service, IT, HR, finance, sales, admin or anyone working with data or using digital channels. The only prerequisite is that you want to gain an understanding of digital and enhance your role within a team and business.Upon successful completion, you will become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

How much does this digital marketing course cost?

The Foundation Certificate in Digital costs $690 $483 to study online. This includes all course materials and the examination fee (first attempt only).

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